Other World Media can make your vision come to life. We are available for any manner of illustration, commissioned artwork or pre-production work. Jobs of this type are billed hourly, or on a flat rate agreed upon before beginning the job.


   Since we are able to mimick any visual style we can not only work on your project from the beginning, but we can also jump into a project whose style has already been developed.


   We can commit ourselves to long or short term projects. We can give you an approximate completion date or you can tell us your required timeframe.


 > When you request an illustration from OWM, we first work out a sketch layout based on your requirements.


> Once you are pleased with the layout or design, we discuss final color scheme and visual style.


> We can produce work of any type from quick sketches to cell shading, painting, or character development.


> Finally, we provide you with all stages of artwork from initial sketch to completed Photoshop or Illustrator file.


  All of this ensures your complete and total satisfaction with our product.  Thank you for choosing Other World Media. We look forward to working with you.

    Beautiful and Professional Illustration 

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